In 2019, Telford & Wrekin Council declared a climate emergency. It is now working, along with partners, to go carbon neutral by 2030 – and to reduce single-use plastic across the council by 2023!

Agriculture, Forestry and other Land Use

Agriculture plays an important role in our future food security.   However, climate change is causing changes to this sector, for example – the growing seasons, the types and amounts of crops we produce, soil conditions and pests and diseases. This sector would need to adapt by introducing new practices and technologies which in turn will help regulate crop growth, reduce pests/diseases and improve soil health and carbon storage.

Forestry and other land uses also play an important role by conserving existing carbon storage in soils/vegetation and by increasing the size and amount of carbon storage to extract carbon from the atmosphere.

Actions we have identified in this area include:



Timeframe For Delivery

Organisation to lead on Delivery


Promote low carbon farming practices and setting aside land for habitat creation

0-5 years

Severn Gorge Countryside Trust


Undertake research on peatland soils across the Borough to assess the potential for restoration and carbon storage

0-2 years

Shropshire Wildlife Trust


Promote growing beans/peas as low emission crops which improve soil health.  Provide farmers with information on growing beans/peas and inform them of the support available.

0-5 years

Partnership project with local universities to map soil suitability; local farmers; and National Farmers’ Union


Engage with cattle farmers to promote year round grass feed to cattle. Emissions associated with cattle are mostly due to feed that is heavily fertilised and shipped.

0-2 years

National Farmers’ Union


Increase carbon storage of existing woodlands through management practices including restocking trees and encouraging a diverse age structure of trees. Also to create opportunities for the community to be involved in these management practices.

2-5 years

Small Woods; Severn Gorge Countryside Trust and Telford & Wrekin Council


Develop small diameter timber processing and marketing to aid in replacing fossil fuel heating and as construction materials

2–5 years

Small Woods and Severn Gorge Countryside Trust


Identify suitable land for tree-planting and re-establishing hedgerows/extending

existing hedgerows

2–5 years

Small Woods and Severn Gorge Countryside Trust


Explore options to develop a community tree nursery including working with a network of schools to collect seeds, propagate seedlings and participate in planting opportunities locally.

2–5 years

Telford & Wrekin Council, Small Woods and Shropshire Wildlife Trust


Promote community gardens, community orchards, parks, all green spaces, allotments and graveyards to improve levels of community ownership of them and ensure good levels of access

0–5 years

Telford Green Spaces Partnership and T&W Council


Promote growing vegetables and fruit, both in gardens and community gardens

0–5 years

Telford & Wrekin Council


Develop more community allotments and growing clubs to encourage more residents to grown their own food, helping reduce carbon dioxide from food production and food waste

2-5 years

Community groups and Telford & Wrekin Council


Explore becoming a Sustainable Food Borough

2-5 years

Partnership project


Promote Nation Farmers’ Union Achieving Net Zero 2040 Plan

0-10 years

National Farmers’ Union


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